Multimedia classroom brought to life with AVerVision355AF

AVerMedia today introduces its high-end Portable Visualizer, the AVerVision355AF. This new top of the line visualizer brings to the classroom the capacity to use teaching materials in a new and exciting way giving inspiration to all students.

The AVerVision355AF is able to do this using a 5-megapixel camera sensor to capture clear and vivid images. With the AVer® Optical Zoom it magnifies images up to a total of 80X thus bringing the smallest details to life. These great images can then be shown to all students using HD 1080p output resolution. “This leading edge imaging truly enriches the classroom experience for both teacher and student”, said Jimmy Sun, Senior Manager of Product Strategy Division at AVerMedia.

The AVerVision355AF comes fitted with a One-Touch Recording button allowing the teacher to record the class and to retain new materials and lessons delivered. The recording can be made directly to a SDHC card or USB drive and kept for future use. The USB OTG and SDHC card slot provide great mobility to your teaching since you can take your presentations and materials and use them wherever you are. This is the only model in the market to provide such powerful storage flexibility fulfilling teachers’ long-term demand.

This experience is made more exciting with the use of the All-New Revolutionary AVer+* Software. This software enables teachers to introduce content to a lesson from the computer, the internet, their own materials and live classroom happenings and to capture it in imaginative and intuitive ways. The software allows for real time annotation on top of image from the visualizer, fun applications and more! And a Great Plus – You never run out of space with the unlimited page space feature.

The AVerVision355AF is the sole winner of Taiwan Excellence Award 2010 under the Educational Product category. “This award shows that the 355AF is truly at the top of the class as the finest visualizer available today”, said Sun.

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*AVer+ is now known as A+ Interactive Software 1.5.