AVerVision355AF wins 2010 Worlddidac Award

Taipei, Taiwan – July 2010 – Market leading educational Visualizer manufacturer AVerMedia is delighted to announce that AVerVision355AF (V355AF) has won the prestigious Worlddidac Award 2010 under the Innovation in Education category. The Worlddidac Award was created in 1984 with the objective to encourage manufacturers of educational materials to continuous innovation. Today the Worlddidac Award is the most recognized international prize in the Global education sector. It is presented every two years to innovative and pedagogically valuable products with a high potential to improve learning or teaching.

The evaluation criteria included the overall quality, safety, eco-friendliness, ease of use, aesthetics, multi-functionality, design and technological innovation, all of which shone through in the AVerMedia V355AF. Used extensively in schools around the world, Visualizers work alongside established equipment such as interactive whiteboards and digital projectors. Already one of the stars in AVerMedia’s product line up, the V355AF Visualizer features a One-Touch Recording to USB stick capability. By using this feature, high quality audio/video, can be recorded, direct to a USB drive. The one-touch record function is a boon for recording evidence of students’ work and with a powerful 80X zoom and a 5-megapixel camera, which gives HD 1080p resolution, stunning images can be recorded.

AVerMedia Marketing Manager of UK branch office, Nigel Roberts said “We are incredibly honored to receive this award which recognizes the hard work and dedication of our staff. The V355AF Visualizer is user-friendly, easy to operate and can give proven benefits to both teaching staff and students alike. Visualizers offer real benefits in the classroom bringing full interaction and spontaneity to even the most difficult subject matter.” “Visualizers can be used for so much in the classroom, from simple ‘show and tell’ exercises to peer-to-peer assessment and student portfolio applications. The beauty of the Visualizer is its straightforward installation, portability and ease of use, which few classroom technologies can compete with,” Roberts concluded.

A unique trophy will be presented to AVerMedia during the Worlddidac Exhibition in Basel, Switzerland, in October 2010. AVerMedia Information is the market leading Visualizer manufacturer in both Europe and US*. Over the past 10 years, AVerMedia have been paving the way in gaining the acceptance of Visualizers in the Education sector. Working closely with specialist Educational Products Distributor, together with a worldwide network of dedicated resellers, AVerMedia have established excellent working relationships with ICT Specialists around the country.

*Source – Futuresource. Independent market research into the Visualizer Market, published June 2010.

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