AVerMedia’s award-winning AVerPen for the 21st century classroom

AVerMedia Information announces the global launch of its revolutionary award-winning AVerPen. The AVerPen brings to the 21st century classroom a new level in collaborative learning and interaction between teacher and students. “The integration of AVerMedia’s AVerPen, AVerVision visualizers, and the All-New Revolutionary AVer+ Software* is the so-called AVerClass solution of the 21st century classroom,” said Mike Ting, Vice President of Presentation Product Business Unit, AVerMedia.

The AVerPen has captured 3 awards in Taiwan. It was the sole winner in the Digital Learning category of the “Outstanding IT Application & Product Award” given by the Taiwan IT Month committee, and also received the Taiwan Excellence Award and the Golden Pin Design Mark all in the same year.

The AVerPen comes with Teacher Pen and Student Pen. It integrates popular key features of Interactive Whiteboard,Wireless Slate, Voting System and Wireless Presenter. The teacher has complete freedom to move around the classroom since AVerPen can be used from anywhere on any non-reflective surface. Teacher is not bound to the board anymore. Likewise, students are no longer slate-dependant and can collaboratively work in groups and effectively share their ideas with the rest of the class. When used as a Voting System, up to 60 Student Pens can simultaneously participate in the activity.

The AVerPen comes with the All-New Revolutionary AVer+ software. The software is all you need to create a multimedia experience in the 21st century classroom and is easily mastered. The integration of the AVerPen and the AVerVision visualizer reduces class preparation time. It gives teacher the ability to create or remix materials from many different sources, such as the internet, the computer and the teacher’s own materials. It also enables the teacher to keep all future lessons fresh and captivating. Real classroom collaboration starts with a teacher and up to six students being able to work simultaneously on the same exercise using AVerPen with the software. It is made more effective by activating the split screen application so that six students or groups may work independently and simultaneously. Students are motivated and excited because their ideas are valued and shared.

The innovative and unique AVerPen is a cost effective solution for the 21st century classroom. Teachers can truly build an exciting and challenging interactive experience with greater learning and fun capacity for a fraction of the usual cost. There is no installation cost. As a low maintenance product, AVerPen is competitively priced.

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*AVer+ is now known as  A+ Interactive Software 1.5.